Matilda’s Garden: How Food Grows

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Matilda’s Garden: How Food Grows

Matilda’s Garden: How Food Grows’ is a unique place where you can see over 80 edible plants planted in 30 boxes in one space. The garden also has two greenhouses, a small foil tunnel and a small pond in which edible water plants grow.

Matilda’s Garden is opened till the end of October.

Another attraction of the garden is Matilda’s Academy, where fun and learning go hand in hand. It is a space to act, use the imagination and develop creativity in children. Visitors can observe the flowering and growth of plants, and the youngest participate in simple tasks such as raking leaves or watering.

If you want to smell the lemon thyme or banana mint, look for Helena’s Frog in the pond or taste seasonal fruit straight from the bush, we invite you to Matilda’s Garden.

The garden is located to the right of the main building, in close proximity to Rysia, Serwala and Binturong.

Contact to Matilda: ogró

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