Luggage lockers

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Luggage lockers

There are 6 luggage lockers, at the ZOO entrance gate. 
Dimensions of each locker: width 60 cm, height 100 cm, depth: 90 cm.
Everyone can use them!

All you need to do is throw 2 PLN coin (as a refundable deposit) into the box on the inside part of the door. This will allow you to close the locker with a key. The deposit will be refunded when the door is opened with the key.

You can use the lockers during the opening hours of the ZOO.
The ZOO is not responsible for items in lockers.

In lockers you cannot leave:

  • explosives (including guns), poisonous, toxic and other hazardous/dangerous materials and substances,
  • materials and substances that give off unpleasant smell or perish,
  • drugs or other addictive materials and substances that are forbidden by law,
  • things that are forbidden according to the rules/law, 
  • live animals,
  • valuable goods, i.e. money, documents, jewelry, cell phones, photographic equipment, cameras, laptops, etc.

Losing the key may cause the risk of losing luggage. A ZOO employee should be notified immediately of this situation.

We wish you nice time in our ZOO without your heavy luggage 🙂

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