29 May 2015


At the beginning of May Arco lost his appetite, became dejected, moved reluctantly and vomited. He was thought to be suffering from indigestion. Unfortunately, veterinary drugs didn't eliminate the symptoms.
Consequently, Arco had his blood taken. The results of this tests showed that the cause of his condition could be the malfunctioning pancreas or a foreign body found in the alimentary canal.
An X-ray and an abdominal ultrasound scan were performed in order to make the correct diagnosis. The X-ray showed a foreign object in the small intestine.
The only hope for Arco was the surgery performed on 10th May. The veterinarians and Arco’s keepers took care of him. He fully recovered and now is able to enjoy good health and the company of his females.

czy wiesz, że...

Because the Earth is taking care of us, let us take care of the Earth. I reciprocate the love that he gives us, keeping it clean and happy.

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