Cereal, Vegetable and Fruit Fest 2018
22 October 2018

Cereal, Vegetable and Fruit Fest 2018

The Cereal, Vegetable and Fruit Festival? Sure, without them both humans and animals would most likely starve to death. And so their merits should be appreciated and a celebration held at least once a year to honour the fact that we have them - and that they are so delicious. Because we like to share our joy of seemingly the most ordinary things, we once again invited guests to celebrate together.

Fruit and vegetables were turned into extraordinary creatures and animals, while leftovers went straight to the animals of our “Children’s Zoo”.

An invited sculptor, Tomasz Zabrocki, carved predators from vegetables - so as to let an antelope eat a lion for once, or a goat and a sheep eat a wolf.

Visitors to the Zoo saw our kitchen for animals, where each day, in pots one meter high, rice is cooked for an elephant, potatoes for wild boars and monkeys or beans for birds, and chopped vegetables are mixed in a huge bathtub.

We also unveiled the mystery of the potato, and knowing how potatoes appeared on our tables we could head for the “Góralka” Cottage and eat them straight from a bonfire.

Iwonka, Małgosia, Kamil (beautiful photos) and Piotr were granted the “Order of the
Smiling Kohlrabi” for their invaluable assistance in preparing the event.
Thank you for the time spent together and ZOO you again next year!

czy wiesz, że...

Because the Earth is taking care of us, let us take care of the Earth. I reciprocate the love that he gives us, keeping it clean and happy.

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