Bears and Orangutans
29 November 2018

Bears and Orangutans

On Tuesday our long-time friends from the Grey Teddy Bear Settlement came to visit us.

The Grey Teddy Bear Settlement is a unique place. Near the town of Kościerzyna, the Teddy Bears and Big Bears live in four houses. The first ones lost the support of their families, while the second group live together, help and teach. All the residents are united by living and working together, and by their love for other human beings and nature. The settlement’s residents take care of their home, engage in gardening, rear animals and run a small ecological farm. They make delicious preserves and cheese, and they consider healthy food very important. Therefore, we did not hesitate to invite the Grey Teddy Bears and Big Bears to hear a lecture entitled “Let’s Save the Orangutans”, which is part of our “Olej olej” (“Ditch the Oil”) campaign. The visitors listened with great interest to why people destroy rainforests and kill their inhabitants. We took a look at food product labels to make sure that we avoid products with palm oil, and we watched a moving film about the extermination of orangutans.

Of course, we also visited the orangutans, accompanied by the campaign mascot which aroused Raia’s and Albert’s interest and moved them.

We know that the Teddy Bears and Big Bears understand the need to protect nature. Armed with flyers, they left the Zoo promising to promote the “Olej olej” (“Ditch the Oil”) campaign.

Here you may find out everything about the Grey Teddy Bears and Big Bears:

czy wiesz, że...

Because the Earth is taking care of us, let us take care of the Earth. I reciprocate the love that he gives us, keeping it clean and happy.

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