Yellow anaconda

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Yellow anaconda

Inhabits the swamps and marshlands of South America. Spends most of the time in water, hunting for food only once in a couple of months, as its digestive system functions very slowly. Size is significantly smaller than its relative, Green Anaconda. Can live up to 20 years. Its diet consists mainly of birds, little mammals, fish and reptiles, less often carrion. Yellow Anacondas are ovoviviparous, meaning a female produces eggs that are hatched within the parent’s body. After 6 months of pregnancy, 4 to 80 offspring are born, each about 60 cm long.

Did you know? – The Ixodidae ticks can attach themselves to the body of Yellow Anaconda. The snake emits a special odour that naturally repels those parasites.

  • Latin name: Eunectes notaeus
  • CITES – Appendix II

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