Victoria Crowned Pigeon

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Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Inhabits the dense tropical forests of Indonesia. Usually sits on the ground, where it searches for food. Feeds mostly on berry-like fruits, seeds and insects. It flies rather reluctantly and only when it needs to, e.g. in case of predator attack. This pigeon spends nights in safe hideouts among upper branches of trees.

Both parents take part in building the nest, incubating and raising the offspring. These birds mate for a lifetime. During the first couple of days after hatching, the chicks are fed with pigeons’ milk, a curd-like material secreted by special cells lining the crop.

Did you know? – Most birds have to raise their beaks while drinking to slake the thirst, but the Pigeons can suck water directly to the crop.

  • Latin name: Goura victoria
  • IUCN – Red List – VU – Vulnerable
  • CITES – Appendix II

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