Rothchild Giraffe

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Rothchild Giraffe


East Africa: Protected Areas in Kenya and Uganda. Savannah areas.


It lives in small groups or alone. Mainly active in the mornings and evenings. It rests standing at night. It moves by lateral ambling gait : it lifts two limbs on the same side of the body with each step. This type of gait allows you to take great strides and facilitates muscle work. They often graze in the company of zebra, antelope, and ostrich. This increases the security of the cluster.


The basic food is leaves and young shoots of acacia, flowers and fruits are supplementing the diet. An adult giraffe weighs between 830 and 1,200 kg.


Females are able to reproduce in the wild when they are 3-4 years old. Gestation: approx. 450 days. The young stay with their mother until 22 months of age. Life expectancy: in the wild, an average of 10 years, record in the zoo: 36 years.


A giraffe attacked by a lion or other predator defends itself by kicking its hooves. In fighting among themselves, giraffes use their necks. The giraffe’s body became the natural habitat of the starfish – birds belonging to the starling family. They hunt fleas, ticks and various larvae, and even spend their mating season on the giraffe’s body.

  • łacińska nazwa: Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi
  • nazwa angielska: Rothschild Giraffe
  • Status zagrożenia: IUCN –Red List – EN – endangered/zagrożony
  • objęty Europejskim Programem Ochrony Zwierząt – EEP (European Endangered Species Programme)