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The Gdańsk zoo is currently the only one in Poland to exhibit an orangutan. The natural habitat of these majestic apes is the humid Equatorial forest of the island Borneo. 60% of their diet consists of fruits but they also feed on bark, leaves, flowers, and sometimes even invertebrates. One of their favorite delicacies is the durian fruit, known for it’s very unpleasant odor. Orangutans significantly
contribute to seed dispersal of many species of trees. Unfortunately, due to the destruction of their natural habitat through deforestation,
mainly for the creation of oil palm plantations, illegal trade and hunting for commercial purposes, the abundance of this species
has decreased dramatically. The natural increase of orangutan populations is very slow, since females only breed once every eight years. Raja is the name of one of the orangutans living in our zoo. She was born in a garden in Rostock, while her partner Albert comes from Munich. Not long ago, we celebrated the orangutans’ 40th birthday, of course not without plenty of cake, presents and a multitude of visitors. One of the gifts they received were crayons, as the couple loves to draw.

  • Latin name: Pongo pygmaeus
  • IUCN Red List – E, CITES, EEP