Military Macaw

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Military Macaw

Military macows are widespread from Mexico to Argentina. They inhabit humid lowland forests and wooded foothills. They are monogamous and stay with their mate for lifetime. They lay 2 eggs in the nest near cliffs which gives them shelter. Their diet consists of fruits, berries, nuts and seeds. Their beak is able to open the hardest shells. They are sometimes seen on heaps of clay near riverbanks. Clay provides them microelements and also detoxifies poisons found in the seeds and vegetation.

It is easy to hear this noisy bird. Usually seen in pairs or small groups. Much bigger flocks roost together near cliffs and on huge trees. Their decreasing number is connected with deforestation of their habitat and capturing wild birds for pet industry.

  • Latin name: Ara militaris mexicana
  • IUCN Red List – V
  • CITES – Appendix I
  • ESB – Species or subspecies for which regional, European studbook exists.

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