Java Sparrow

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Java Sparrow

Species originally endemic to Islands of Java and Bali, nowadays common in many parts of the world such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Christmas Island. Inhabits different types of environments – cities, villages, crop fields, meadows and forests. Outside the breeding season it is a very sociable species. It locally travels in large flocks, searching for food – seeds, insects or flowering plants. Due to mass development of rice plantations, rice has become main ingredient in their diet.

They build their nests from dried grass under the roofs of residential buildings or in the crowns of trees. Female lays from 3 to 7 eggs. Chicks become independent after about 4-5 weeks.

Did you know? – The reason for the drastic decline of population of these birds is catching them for trade, as they are popular birds to be kept at homes.

  • Latin name: Lonchura oryzivora
  • IUCN – Red List – VU – Vulnerable
  • CITES – Appendix II

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