Great Curassow

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Great Curassow

The biggest bird from the curassow family is living in the wet lowland forests of Mexico, central America and Columbia. Although the great curassow is huge and pretty heavy, it can fly. However, its activity usually concentrates on pacing through forests on legs which are perfectly adapted to walking on soil and twigs. This bird finds food in thick vegetation, among mulch at the bottom of the forest floor. Its diet consists of small vertebrates, invertebrates and fruit.

Sexual dimorphism in this species is very clear – females have brown, black-striped plumage, while males are all black.
The great curassow is monogamous. A couple is building a nest on a tree fork or in a tree hollow. Females usually lay 2 eggs. Chicks are able to fly within a few days after hatching and they are ready to leave the nest after 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, the fate of this species is not all roses – clearing forests as well as hunting causes that the small population is constantly shrinking.

  • Latin name: Crax rubra rubra
  • IUCN Red List – VU – Vulnerable
  • CITES – Appendix III

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