Eurasian Lynx

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Eurasian Lynx

The lynx is a big, predatory cat, which weighs up to 35 kg. Nowadays the animal’s territory does not even cover the Western Europe. Two populations of the cat live in Poland in the northern part and in the Carpathian Mountains. The latter has more visible speckles in the pattern of its coat. In order to survive, the animal needs a vast area, up to 250 km2. The lynx hunts large hoofed mammals. European roe deer (60 – 70%) and red deer (20 – 30%) are its main sources of food. It rarely feeds on smaller animals.

In the past the lynx commonly inhabited the Polish land. Nowadays the population of these animals in Poland has reduced to about 200 specimens. The appropriate habitat and food are decisive factors that these mammals require to inhabit a natural area. The cat’s population is getting lower due to migration barriers such as road networks and fences.

  • Latin name: Lynx lynx
  • IUCN Red List LC, CITES

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