The eland inhabits savannahs, semi-deserts, plain mountainous areas and the edges of humid forests. It is the biggest and the heaviest living antelope. A mature male can weigh up to 950 kilograms. Its height at the withers is almost 2 meters. Despite a rather significant size of this mammal, it can overcome even 2- meter high obstacles. In our Oliwa ZOO elands regularly produce offspring. Highly nutritious milk of the mother causes very rapid growth of the young antelope.

Did you know that…
In Askania-Nova (in Russia), on an experimental farm some efforts were made to domesticate this species. As a result, tamed female elands allowed their keepers to milk them regularly.

  • Latin name: Taurotragus oryx
  • IUCN Red List – LC – Least Concern

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