Chiloé Wigeon

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Chiloé Wigeon

Inhabits Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Occupies fresh water reservoirs such as lakes, ponds and swamps but searches for food on meadows and pastures. Its diet consists mostly of water flora and small aquatic invertebrates that supplement their nourishment.

It lives in pairs or small groups, although during winter birds create bigger colonies. Among other wigeon species, this one is distinguished by the fact that couples create pairs for more than one season. Wigeons build their nests on the ground, in places well-hidden among tall vegetation. The female lays up to 9 eggs and incubates them herself, while the male defends the nest and the territory. Then the chicks are raised by both parents. There are only 3 species of wigeons in the world – the one living in Poland has very few nesting places in the north of the country.

  • Latin name: Anas sibilatrix
  • IUCN – Red List – LC – Least concern

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