Canada Goose

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Canada Goose

Inhabits North America. It has been introduced to Asia, Australia and Europe where currently is perceived invasive. It settles upon all types of water tanks. The bird prefers thick and low vegetation, preys also within the farming areas. This goose has only several natural enemies and it adapts to new conditions very well and tolerates human within its environment. It is a very smart bird with an excellent memory, being able to memorize and recognize people. Canada Geese are very caring and persistent parents which abandon their nests or lose their offspring extremely rarely. They are big, strong, fertile and aggressive, therefore are able to displace other species of geese from their nesting territories. It feeds with all types of plants but also with invertebrates and fish.

  • Latin name: Branta canadensis
  • IUCN – Red List – LC – Least concern

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