Blue-fronted Amazon

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Blue-fronted Amazon

Blue-fronted Amazon lives in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina where it occurs in many types of environment: woodlands, grasslands, savannas and floodplains. This is non-migratory bird but occasionally may make local migrations searching for food. Blue-fronted amazons eat fruits, seeds, nuts, leaves and flowers.

It is a monogamous bird which lives in pairs, but forages and feeds in small groups. During breeding season a pair stays close together. Female lays 2-3 eggs and incubates them for about thirty days. Chicks leave the nest after two months but they still need parents attention.
Because of their cryptic colour blue-fronted amazons are difficult to detect. That is why they do not have many natural enemies. Owls, hawks and falcons are predators to this species.

Interesting facts: there have been identified nine different vocalizations of blue-fronted amazons. It is known that at least six of them is used in specific situations.

  • Latin name: Amazona aestiva
  • IUCN Red List: L
  • CITES, Appendix II

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