Black-Capped Lory

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Black-Capped Lory

Inhabits The New Guinea and surrounding archipelagos. It lives in the forests and forested wetlands. It is most frequently seen amongst the higher layers of vegetation. The Lories search for food on blooming trees and bushes in small groups, sometimes in pairs. It feeds with insects in all forms, fruits, pollen and floral nectar. Its tongue is specially adapted to collect this kind of food – characteristic brushes on its very tip help with gathering the liquid specialties. Although very quiet while feeding, they eagerly learn new sounds and can loudly imitate them. Birds nest in the hollows, where they lay two eggs and incubate them for about 24 days.

Did you know? – Black-Capped Lories often become companion to people, as they are easily domesticated and very social.

  • Latin name: Lorius lory
  • IUCN – Red List – LC – Least concern

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