African Barbet

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African Barbet

Inhabits dry forests on the savannas of central Africa that are covered with acacia, figs and baobab trees. They forge hollows in soft tree trunks using their powerful beaks equipped with teeth-like grooves. Like most woodpeckers, they have two toes forwards and two backwards. The diet consists of insects, fruits, nectar and flowers. Barbets are not migrant birds.

They live in small groups and pair during breeding periods. Sexual dimorphism does not occur. The courting males vocalises and bring food for their partners. Females lay two white eggs which then she incubates for about 16 days. After further 40 days the chicks are ready to leave the nest.

Did you know? – Characteristic moustache and beard around the beak are formed by special feathers.

  • Latin name: Pogonornis dubius
  • ochrona: IUCN – Red List – LC – Least concern

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