Greater Flamingo
Birds: Africa, Asia, Europe

Greater Flamingo

Exotic waterfowl can be found around the pond beneath “Góralka” cottage. Greater flamingos live in estuaries, salty lagoons and muddy beaches of Africa, south Europe and south-western Asia. Flamingos breed in huge colonies which can reach size of 20000 pairs. Their nests are built close together. Male and female take turns incubating their eggs. After a few days of life fledglings gather in a crèche. Parents recognize their offspring’s voice. 

Did you know that…
flamingos unique beak filters water and mud  to find food – insects, small crustaceans, algae and unicellular organisms. The red color of flamingos’ feathers comes from carotenoids found in their diet.
IUCN Red List – LC – Least Concern
CITES Appendix II

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