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Welcome to our Zoo
Welcome! We warmly welcome you and appreciate your visiting the Gdańsk Zoological Garden.

Please note that it is a special place, as the area of approximately 125 ha has become a home for animals originating from all the continents. This includes species which have become practically extinct in the wild. Rapid technological expansion and increased pollution of the natural environment have resulted in a situation where some species may only safely survive in zoos.

As it is only here that animals such as Bongo Antelopes, Scimitar-horned Oryxes, Pygmy Hippopotamuses or the magnificent, carrion-eating Andean Condors can be encountered. Many assume that in several decades such species as the Nile hippopotamus, several rhino species, the African elephant, some species of Prosimians – e.g. the slender Loris – as well as many species of beautiful birds will disappear from the wild. And considering the exponential increase in the illegal wildlife trade, their fate will largely depend on such facilities as ours.

The Oliwa Zoo is a member of The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), which enables it to participate in the dozen or so European Endangered Species Programmes (EEP) for animal species facing the threat of extinction. As part of the EEP we have such valuable specimens as the Maned Wolves, Andean Condors, African Penguins and Pygmy Hippopotamuses. Many of these species produce offspring on a regular basis. Our Andean condor population is world renowned in zoological circles. The Oliwa condor offspring have enriched the collections of many other zoos in Poland and abroad. The zoo has been
a member of The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) since January 2007. This is an association of approximately 250 out of the more than two thousand zoos in the world. While visiting our zoo, please bear in mind that the fate of their many relatives still living in the wild may depend on your attitude and kindness. Not only those rare and valuable specimens, but also those which are fortunately still roaming free in our fields and forests. Let’s give our children an opportunity to be raised in direct contact with animals; let’s teach them to respect and love them. The wisdom and foresight of future generations will determine whether zoos remain the last remaining refuge for endangered animal species.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our zoo.

Director of the Gdańsk Zoological Garden
Michał Targowski

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