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Elephants are the heaviest land mammals in the world. The male African elephant can reach a weight of up to 6 tonnes. The Asian elephant, smaller than it’s African relative, has been domesticated for thousands of years, often being used as pack-animals. Katka and Wiki live in Oliwa Zoo and are rather elderly representatives of both species. They live together in the pavilion, which was prepared for the elephants in the early 50s.

The African elephant Katka was born around 1970 and came to us from France. She presented her excellent memory by recognizing her Czech keeper after not seeing him for 16 years!

The Asian elephant Wiki was born in 1964 and came to Oliwa zoo under very tragic circumstances after animal rights protection organisation retrieved her from a closed circus. She found her new home here with us in Gdansk. After the traumatic experience of working in a circus, Wiki needed two years in order to trust people again.

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